Superior Water Systems - Had my home in a lien for 14 years.

Las Vegas, Nevada 1 comment

I bought a water softener from Superior Water Systems in 1990 paid it off in 1994 in 2008 Ifind out they've had my home in a lien,the owner Bobby Burns told me it wasn't his job to find out what happened.I did all the research got all the papers I needed to have my home released and he had the nerve to charge me $100.00 for the time he spent researching before he'd give me the final signed by him paper.He was a total *** ! Do Not !! do buisness with Superior Water Systems there on Eastern Ave.Tell anyone whose thinking about a water softener for there home stay away from this company,they put a lien on your home till you pay it off??gprj



Put a lien on my house! And i will find you and put a lien on his face!!!

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